Concept & Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

While working for the University of Utah’s Marketing and Communications department I created many motion graphics. These motion graphics were used in many places from TV to Web to even stadium Jumbotrons. Here are few examples. I was responsible for the illustration and motion graphics. On the ones with video there’s a good chance I was shot the footage as well.

Three Deans Tour Motion Graphic

This motion graphic was created for a nationwide tour three of the deans were taking. I created all the art, in this case it was hand drawn with prismacolors and scanned. From there altered and added into the motion graphic.

By The Numbers

This is a motion graphic adaption of a radio spot. I was responsible for everything but the script and audio.

2012 Holiday E-Card

After creating a successful motion graphic the first year where I had near total creative control I was tapped for following years. However the big difference is I no longer had creative control, in this case I had to find a way to turn the stars into the word IMAGINE. For this I used Red Giants Particular plugin for After-Effects. The art was created by our in-house illustrator David Meikle.

2013 Holiday E-Card

On this project I was provided a background illustration and photos which I had to stitch together into a cheerful motion graphic.

Science of a Punt

This was collaborative effort between athletics and science department to show that athletics involved science and math. I was responsible for everything but the script. There’s also two minute version you can find here if you’re inclined.

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