Motion Graphics & Editing

Video Projects

Here are few of the more interesting videos I created for the University of Utah. My responsibilities varied from direction & production to just editing.

Welcome To U Video

My task was to edit together a two minute hype video for a new student welcome event. The video was intended to wake up the audience as it was played first thing. I edited together footage many older videos some of which I also created others were created by a fellow videographer Nick Steffens.

Wiz Khalifa Grand Kerfluffle Recap Video

All around this was a fun project as it involved working with RED footage which is both rewarding and painful at times. RED footage is gigantic in resolution and depth offering ISO changing after shooting and shot in such a way you can completely alter the exposure after the fact, simply amazing. It does take forever to process and edit on anything but a monster machine, an excellent lesson in patience. Also editing together a Wiz Khalifa song that doesn’t include vulgar lyrics was challenge.

State of the U

This is an example of typical project I would do at the university. Being a small office we all had to wear a lot of hats. I was a one man production crew, video, off camera audio, lighting, editing, post, motion graphics etc. I would do most everything but the script.

Women at the U

A short video about showing the opportunities for women at the University. I was responsible for the production, filming, and editing. As usual the script was provided.


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