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Skyreach Vehicle Concept - Bonestorm

Original Concept Design – Built in about 3 hrs using Maya. Stickman is there for proportion and to size up the car in case we eventually add a driver.

Bonestorm – Designing the Vehicle for Skyreach

Our team’s game Skyreach is driving game that combines puzzle and exploration in a fantastical red rock desert set in the clouds. The player drives some sort of car, the tricky part was making a vehicle that looked like it belonged in our universe.

We already had the environment relatively fleshed out before we started in on our vehicle. My design was lucky enough to be picked by the designers from a number of concepts.

Bonestorm takes inspiration from artists such as Syd Mead, Ryan Church. There visions of futuristic vehicles sparked the idea of fantastical vehicle made from stone-age materials and powered by a little bit of crystal magic. These screencaps show everything from the original concept model to finished product in engine.

High poly Zbrush sculpt turntable.


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